This week at BISR...

This coming week is a very busy one. Not only is it International Week but Year 2 are also having their International Food Day. Each class has prepared a special song and a dance from their country to perform to their year group.


  • Foundation 1 Zoo Trip

    Foundation 1 had a fabulous time out of school this Tuesday when we visited Riyadh Zoo. Special mention must be given to our wonderful parent volunteers for all your help in making it such a fun day!

  • BSME Oman and ISSLR Boys

    It has been another busy week in school with so much going on in all sections, it really has been a hive of activity. We have had several sporting events with the ISSLR Boys football and the BSME trip to Oman.

  • Year 5 Assembly

    Last week Year 5 treated KS2 to their very own news broadcast which looked at the important events that took place in 2015 and they even had some exclusive clips of what’s to come in 2016.

  • Foundation 2 Museum Visit

    To celebrate our topic “Dinosaurs” F2 have visited the National Museum of Saudi Arabia over the last 2 weeks.


The BISR is at the heart of the British Community in Riyadh, providing education to some 1600 boys and girls, the majority of which are British. However, before you join our community, it is very important to consider the impact on children before making the move to Saudi as in some instances, a transfer of the children is unwise and detrimental to their long term education.

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