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Governance and Leadership

The Board of Governors

Administered by a Board of Governors, BISR is a non-profit organisation. It is dependent on school-fee income and all revenue is devoted to the provision of education.

Under the School’s Governing Constitution, there shall be not less than five and not more than twelve Governors. There shall be three appointed Governors representing the British Embassy, SABB and Saudi Hollandi bank.

The Board of Governors elects its own Chair and Vice Chair. Other Board members are appointed by Board invitation, and serve without remuneration. Whenever there is a vacancy, the Board considers the needs of the school in determining the profile of new appointees. Candidates are interviewed by the Board and upon appointment undergo an induction with the Board Chair and Principal.

In partnership with the School's Principal, the Board is responsible for finance, staffing, premises, enrolment, commissioning regular independent inspections and ensuring that the school operates in accordance with relevant regulations in Saudi Arabia.


Board Members


Andy Irons Board Chair & HR Committee member
Dr John Sfakianakis Board Deputy Chair & School Development Committee member
Dominic Newton Chair of Finance Committee
Nick Price Chair of HR Committee
Andrew Mellors Chair of School Development Committee
Hetty Hessels School Development Committee member & Training and Development
Andy Inglis HR Committee member
Ambreesh Sahai Finance Committee member
Dany Ibrahim Finance Committee member
Sarah Gonem Board member
Paul Carpenter Board member
Andrew Robertson School Development Committee member


The Board appoints separate sub-committees in relation to the following areas of responsibility.

  • HR
    • Appointing the Principal and members of the Leadership
    • Establishing remuneration levels as well as conditions of service for all staff
    • Determining policies with regard to codes of conduct and appropriate sanctions
  • Finance
    • Outlining annual capital and operating budgets
    • Setting school fees and building fund contributions
    • Establishing funding and investment policies
  • Development
    • Development of existing site, and considering options for future location.

Other Sub-Committees may be established on an ad-hoc basis to consider issues relevant at any one time.


School Leadership Group

The School Senior leadership Team consists of The Principal, the Bursar, and the heads of Primary and Senior schools. The Extended Leadership Team is made up of the SLT and the three primary and three senior assistant Heads.

The SLT role is to manage day to day operations, and implement Board policies. The Heads of Primary and Senior are responsible the curriculum, staffing and budgeting for their sections, while the Bursar has an overview of the non-academic areas of school life: IT Infrastructure, Finance, Facilities, Admissions, Administration and Human Resources. The Bursar also acts as Clerk to the Board.

The current Leadership team is:

The Principal: Mr Chris Mantz

The Head of Senior: Mrs Clare Hunter

Head of Primary: Dr Mrs Nicci Wood

Bursar: Mr David Appleby