About Us

Our Vision, Mission, Motto and Internationalism

Our Vision

In May 2015, the BISR Board met to formulate the school’s Vision statement. After much discussion, they agreed that the following was appropriate:

Our vision is to be an outstanding British School in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, providing high quality learning, enabling students to achieve their maximum potential.

Our Mission and Motto

During the 2011-2012 academic year, the entire community worked together to review the Mission statement so as to be able to give BISR an identity. We also needed to define our own interpretation of being a British International School.

The first step was to form a committee of students, parents, board members and staff to represent the views of our various sectors. This led to a three month period of consultation and then the committee considered the views of all stakeholders. Interestingly, while parents understandably wanted an emphasis on academics, students, while valuing the academic programme, felt that respect and an appreciation of cultural diversity were the most important themes. All sectors valued the British reference which we define simply as being able to transfer seamlessly back into the UK system whenever there is a need.

From January to March 2012, the opinions of our community were translated into various statements that students felt reflected overall opinion. The committee decided that a narrative was appropriate, and the students themselves were very keen to have a motto. The committee then circulated various drafts and students voted on the versions that they preferred. The chair of our primary school student council presented the revised narrative to our board in May, and this was approved in June 2012. Hence we have what we now refer to as our ‘Mission’ and our Motto – REACH. We accept that perhaps the adults within our community would slightly change the wording (though not change the philosophy) but we are proud of the fact that our students, after intense and passionate debate, defined what we are and what we want to be important and feel a genuine ownership of our mission and motto. We will all continue to REACH!

We, the students, parents, teachers and community of BISR, provide a caring, safe and stimulating environment where we strive to make every student feel valued, happy and successful.

We are an innovative school that has a long tradition of providing a British style education with an international perspective. We are committed to excellence through a wide variety of activities both in and out of the classroom. Responsibility, enthusiasm, integrity and participation are expected.

Our community accepts, embraces and celebrates cultural diversity, while promoting the values of respect, honesty, compassion and kindness. We appreciate ourselves and others as individuals with rights and responsibilities, acting as conscientious global citizens. We are a community of life-long learners who can contribute to making our world a better place.

We challenge students to explore and question, seek solutions, make informed decisions, solve problems, demonstrate tenacity and express themselves confidently. We empower students to take responsibility for their learning and to be recognised as young independent learners.


  • RESPECT - for ourselves, our families, for others no matter what nationality, race, ethnicity or religion, and also for property.
  • EXCELLENT - only Excellence will do.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY - we accept accountability for our own actions, shortcomings and achievements.
  • CHALLENGE - we accept challenge – whether it is academic, sporting, or any other aspect of school life.
  • HAPPINESS - we strive to have healthy lifestyle and to be concerned about ours and others well-being.

The REACH logo is now around school and our students have genuinely embraced this as representing our basic philosophy. Our Mission will appear in all our publications and be referred to at all levels when making decisions. It is the foundations of an exciting future and at last, after many months of soul searching, we know what we are!


Our student council spent some time considering an appropriate definition of internationalism during 2013. In October 2013 the Council proposed to the school the following:

Internationalism at BISR means that we try to bring our community closer by understanding, respecting and celebrating our varied beliefs, nationalities, cultures and religions.

This definition was accepted by the student body and formally launched at the start of International Week in November 2013.

Internationalism is important to us. Our student are preparing for adult life in a complex world where an appreciation of diversity is essential. Internationalism is an integral part of our ethos and one that we promote on a daily basis within the curriculum and through our Enrichment programme.