Admissions Policy

Class Size Policy

The number of children in classes is limited to 20 unless there are exceptional circumstances.  Only the Principal, in consultation with the Board of Governors, may decide what constitutes exceptional circumstances.

 In order to give effect to the admissions policy, one place per class, will be held in reserve at the beginning of each school year to enable placement of British and Dutch children who may apply throughout the school year. Thus the number of children in each class at the start of the school year will be 19 (14 in Foundation 1) and a waiting list for other children will be commenced once a class has reached 19 children (14 in Foundation 1).

The Board of Governors reserves the right to amend this policy in the light of circumstances prevailing at any time.


The British school is a school for English-speaking children, and not a school for teaching children English. The medium of instruction throughout the school is English and it is a requirement that children have a good understanding of English.

Applications are accepted on and after March 1st for admission the following academic year. Applications will be accepted for any place that the school anticipates being available, plus 20 students in each year group who will make up the waitlist. Only British and Dutch passport holders will have places confirmed prior to May 15th. On that date, the remaining places will be filled according to waitlist priority, and subject to assessment.

Before being offered a place, all applicants for admission to the School, of whatever nationality and in whatever category, must satisfactorily complete the School assessment process. Children are invited for assessment only when a place becomes available either on roll or within waitlist parameters.

This assessment will centre around proficiency and use of the English language and an assessment of academic potential and social behaviour and will involve a range of testing procedures according to the age of the applicant. British and Dutch children applying for Year 1 and above will be invited to complete the assessment between March 1st and May 15th. Children applying for places in Foundation will be invited for assessment after May 31st. Depending upon the results of the assessment, an offer of a place may be made. Parents will be advised of the decision within three working days of the completion of the assessment.

If applications are received for Year 10/11 or 12/13 (i.e. for GCSE and A level courses) for entry after the first eight weeks of the programme, the school will consider each case individually and make a decision about entry based on continuity of courses, subject availability, assessment components missed, realistic expectations of the student and their parents and the likelihood of the student achieving their academic potential.

Students applying for entry to the school to undertake A level courses from other Riyadh schools, must have at least six A or A* grades at GCSE, including A grades in each subject that they wish to study at AS level.

Priority Groups

To ensure that we continue to meet our prime objective of educating British and Dutch children, admission into the school is according to the following priority groups:

Priority Group 1

Provided that a place is available and the assessment process is completed satisfactorily, children holding a British or Dutch passport (“British and Dutch children”) will be granted a place in the School. It is not sufficient that one or both parents hold a British passport: the child must do so. British and Dutch children for whom a place is not available, will have priority placing on a waitlist.

Priority Group 2

Non-British and non-Dutch siblings of children already enrolled will have priority over other non-British and non-Dutch passport holders subject to the availability of places, assessments for category two children will take place after May 15th for admission the following school year.

Priority Group 3

Applications from children holding a passport of a country other than Britain and the Netherlands will be accepted up to a maximum of 20 on a waitlist for each year. Subject to the availability of places, assessments Priority Group 3 children will take place after May 15th for admission the following school year.

Wait List Guidelines

For Priority 1 children

Pupil must hold British or Dutch passport. Places will be offered according to date of application.

For Priority Group 2 children

A child who has a sibling already enrolled and for whom a class place is not immediately available will be placed on a waitlist if his/her parents so desire.

The child’s position on the waiting list will be chronological to the date of his/her application being submitted to the registrar.

The parents will be advised of the number of children, if any, who are ahead of their child on the waiting list for that year. They will also be advised that Priority Group 1 children could pre-empt an available place.

At the end of each school year, the parents of any child remaining on the waiting list will be contacted to establish whether they would like their child(ren) to remain on the waitlist for the following academic year.  

The Principal will have discretion to decide, at the end of Term 2, whether to release some or all of the Priority Group1 reserved places in order to accommodate Priority Group 2 or 3 children who are on a wait list or who would otherwise be on a wait list

 Application for Priority Group 1 and Priority Group 2 children may be submitted at any time during the school year.

For Priority Group 3 children

The child’s position on the Priority Group 3 waiting list will be chronological to the date of his/her application.

Parents will be advised of the number of children, if any, ahead of their child on the wait list. They will also be advised that Priority Groups 1 and 2 children could pre-empt an available place.

On May 15th each year, places will be confirmed. Each year cohort will be filled to 19 in each class (except Foundation 1 which will be 14). BISR will calculate the number of places that can be allocated to these applicants based on withdrawal notices.

At the end of each school year, the parents of any child remaining on the wait list will be contacted to establish whether their child should remain on that list.

Allocation of places as above will be advised to the Priority Group 3 parents as early as possible.

The Application Procedure

The following information will be available for prospective parents:

Thank you for your interest in the School and for your enquiry for the admission of your son or daughter. To be considered for entry, please complete the Registration Form and submit, along with other documentation requested, to the Registrar. The completion of the form does not guarantee admission.

Applications may be submitted on or after 1st March each year for enrolment for the following school year.

Priority is given to children who hold a British of Dutch passport at the time of the application.  These are Priority Group 1. These are scheduled for assessment, and, if successful, allocated to a year group.  Siblings of non-British and non-Dutch children already enrolled form the Priority Group 2. These will be assigned to year cohorts on May 15th, subject to availability of spaces once British and Dutch children have been accommodated. Children are placed in year groups appropriate to their chronological age.

Priority Group 3 is children of other nationalities who do not have siblings already enrolled. These will be assigned to year cohorts after category 1 and 2 children.  However, class size will be limited to 19 so as to leave spaces for any British or Dutch students who subsequently apply.

The following must be submitted at the time of application:

  • Completed registration form

  • Copy of Child’s passport

  • All school reports at current school for the past year

  • Completed medical form

  • SR500 Application fee

A copy of the father’s/carer’s Iqama will be required prior to enrollment.

The Application fee will be refunded if child is not admitted to the school due to unavailability of places after one year.

Parents of British or Dutch children who anticipate arriving in the KSA more than one term after the initial application and where a place is currently available may guarantee that place by paying for the current term, and in advance for subsequent terms until the child arrives in the country.

Admission is conditional upon parental agreement that students will participate fully in the curriculum and related activities. The school curriculum does not include elements that would be disrespectful to the laws and customs of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The School will only admit children who can access, and benefit from, the curriculum on offer. If after enrolment, it becomes apparent that a child is not benefiting from the curriculum, the parents may be asked to withdraw the child or agree to remedial help for which the parents may be charged.

The admission of Saudi National students is subject to the approval of the Ministry of Education, to whom special application must be made.

Admission Process:

Once the application form, copies of school reports, medical form, passport details and fee have been submitted, the Registrar will schedule entry assessment according to the Priority list above.

British and Dutch children will be assessed in order that applications are received in the period March 1st until May 15. An assessment fee of SR1000 must be paid prior to the assessment being scheduled.

Non-British and Non-Dutch siblings of students currently on roll will be given priority for assessment after May 15th. Priority Group 3 children will be assessed after Priority 2 children subject to availability of places.

The waitlists will be closed at 20 students per year group.

Where appropriate, assessment may be carried out at a child’s current school. However, this depends on the co-operation of the school.

The Registrar will inform parents of the outcome within three working days. A conditional place may be offered subject to the submission the parents Iqama and payment of all fees and deposits. No child may start at the school until all documentation, fees and deposits have been submitted.

If subsequent to enrollment, the School believes that a child cannot benefit from the curriculum on offer, or a child causes disciplinary problems, the parents may be asked to withdraw the child from the school. In such circumstances, there will be no refund of fees.

The admission of Saudi National students is subject to the approval of the Ministry of Education, to whom special application must be made.