School Fees

Invoices are sent to parents prior to the end of the preceding term and Fees must be paid by the date set out on the invoice.  A 1000 SAR penalty is imposed if fees are not paid by the date due.  If fees are not paid the child’s place may be forfeited and offered to another child on the wait list.  No child will be admitted at the start of a term unless fees have been paid in full.

For newly admitted students fees must be paid prior to the child starting at the school.


A non-refundable fee of SR500 which is payable at the time of submitting the application. This amount is payable by bank transfer.


A non-refundable fee of SR1,000 which is payable by bank transfer.


Fees for 2017-18

A single non-refundable fee of SR6,000 is payable across the school.

Key Stage

Year  Group

Annual (SR)

Termly (SR)


Foundation 1




Foundation 2



Key Stage 1

Year 1 & 2



Key Stage 2

Year 3 to 6



Key Stage 3

Year 7 to 9



Key Stage 4

Year 10 & 11



Key Stage 5

Year 12 & 13



Due Dates for Tuition Fees







end of February 2017

end of March 2017



end of May 2017

early June 2017



end of October 2017

end of November 2017



end of February 2018

end of March 2018


Guarantee Deposit

A refundable Place Guarantee Deposit of SR5000 per family is payable for those joining the school for the first time. This place guarantee deposit will be refunded when the child is withdrawn from school provided one months’ notice during term time is given to the Registrar prior to withdrawal, and both parents’ school IDs are returned plus any issued to family helpers or drivers.

Please Note:

Invoices are sent before the end of the current academic term or following acceptance of a place for a new child joining the School during the term. Unfortunately, misplacement or non-receipt of the original invoice cannot be considered a valid reason for failure to pay the fees by the due date. A penalty of SR1,000 will come into effect if fees are not paid by the end of the first week of term. In the event of non-payment after two weeks we will have to suspend the student until the fees are paid. 

Fees are required to be paid in full prior to the admission date offered to your child or prior to the first day of the term. The full terms fees are due even if a student is on roll for only part of the term. 

External examination fees, including GCSE and A level fees, will be invoiced separately. 

You will be given a unique virtual account (VA) number for each student/child and fees will be paid into the unique virtual account. Please ensure that you replace 001-051440-017 with the unique virtual account number provided to you. In case you bank with any other bank other than SABB, please use the virtual account (VA) in IBAN format number(s). This will enable us to identify the payment right away and allocate it to the appropriate student.

 In a situation where your company pays tuition fees for your child, please ensure that you pass on your virtual account number(s) to the company in respect of each of your children

Book Deposit

A single refundable deposit of SR1,500 is required to cover the return of school’s resources E.G. Books, Ipads, car passes and any other.

The charge applies to the eldest child only in a family.  The deposit will be repaid, less any deductions for damaged or lost items, when the family no longer has a child at the School.

Re registration

The registration fee is payable again if a student has been away from School for three clear terms.

Any child for whom fees have not been paid, or who has not returned for the commencement of the new academic year, will be deemed to have left the school.

 In order to re-gain entry in these circumstances it will be necessary to complete initial registration procedures again

Sibling Discount

The sibling discount scheme takes the form of a discount of SR735 per term for the third child and SR1,050 for the fourth and any subsequent children. 


Parents are reminded that it is their responsibility to ensure that all fees are paid, even when employers undertake to pay such fees on their behalf. Admission to, or retention in the School is conditional on acceptance of the above Terms and Conditions.

Unclaimed Fees and Book Deposits will not be refunded if unclaimed within 6 months of leaving the school.

The Board of Governors of the British International School reserve the right to amend these conditions as and when the need arises.