Enrichment & Sports

Extra-curricular Activities (ECAs)

The Extra-Curricular life of the school is an important part of what makes BISR such a special place to study. ECAs are available for students from Year 1 through to Year 13. They provide an excellent opportunity for students to round out their education with subjects that may not be typically available to study during the school day. ECAs will change every term, this will allow the children to sample many different areas of interest. On-line registration for ECAs takes place three times a year and will be organized by the Enrichment Coordinator.

All BISR teachers lead an ECA thus ensuring that there is a very wide range of sporting, academic and cultural activities on offer.

ECAs take place at lunchtimes, after school and some even on weekends. All students are encouraged to select at least one activity per week. This offers them a good opportunity to interact with children from other classes, work with other teachers and to have fun learning a new skill while doing something enjoyable.

If a child is unable to attend their activity on a particular day, parents should make sure that a note is sent to school, as an attendance register is kept and all children need to be accounted for. There are a wonderful variety of activities to choose from covering a range of sports, music, arts, drama, ICT and academic activities. Every student is sure to enjoy and benefit from this aspect of school life.

Recreational ECAs

Our extracurricular activities are numerous and diverse and aim to nurture interpersonal and social skills as well as intellectual development. Some examples include Anatomy and Dissection Club, Chess Club, Cooking For Fun, History Film and Documentary Club, Creating Comics, Bollywood, Tapestry, Programming Club and many others.

Sports ECAs

We offer a wide variety of Sports ECAs with ample opportunities for students to participate in competitive tournaments in KSA and abroad. Our activities help our students to embrace a healthy lifestyle and to improve personal skills like confidence and team work.

Sport ECAs fall into three main categories:

Competitive trips – BSME, Mediterranean Cup, MEUC, COBIS.

These training sessions are for students who have trialled and been selected to represent the School usually internationally. It involves parents paying for their child to attend the trip. These sessions will always start back first after holidays, before the other ECAs

Competitive tournaments – ISSLR, King Faisal, RSL.

These training sessions are for students who trialled to compete and represent the school at an ISSLR tournament for example. They are not paid events and take part within Riyadh.

Recreational Sport

These training sessions are for students who enjoy an activity but don’t want to compete or there isn’t an opportunity to compete, climbing, yoga etc. It will also involve the activities that take place during School performances such as the Gymnastics, Trampoline and Dance Display.

Music ECAs

BISR enjoys a thriving ECA programme for Music and we aim to offer a diverse selection of activities that is welcoming to everyone within our school community. We have String Group, Wind Band Group, Junior Choir, Very Junior Choir, Primary and Senior Ukulele.

Throughout the year various activities also spring up, so for those wishing to explore music outside the classroom, opportunities are always readily available. Performances occur regularly and students are encouraged to exercise student leadership in the organisation of such events.

Instrumental Programme

We have highly qualified instrumental teachers offering weekly lessons on Piano, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Clarinet, Flute, Percussion, Tenor Horn, Trombone, Trumpet and Violin. As is common practice in UK schools, instrumental lessons at BISR take place during the school day on a rotational basis, so that students do not miss the same lessons all the time. We are the Examination Centre for the Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music in Riyadh and our students enjoy an exceptionally high level of success in ABRSM practical exams each year.