Enrichment & Sports

The Inter-House programme

There are four Houses: Pitts, Blunt, Palgrave and Doughty, all named after British explorers to Saudi Arabia.

The House System provides opportunities for students to develop all aspects of their growth and learning: personality, morality, creativity, knowledge and skills. The system promotes values of fair play, teamwork, citizenship, mutual responsibility, self-discipline, initiative, perseverance and resilience..

Participation in House activities contributes to excellence in academic, social, sporting and cultural fields. A programme of events is published in advance of the academic year and awards are made at the end of each term. Each house has primary and senior house captains elected early in the year..

In the Senior school, House points are called REACH points to reinforce our motto, and two are awarded every lesson by teachers. In addition, REACH points are awarded for participation in a wide range of school activities such as ABRSM exams, the MUN, and DoE activities, as well as helping in school events..

Cumulative house points are published each week in the Newsletter, and announced in assemblies. Major awards are made at the end of the year, including prizes to the winners in each year. The student who achieves most REACH points received a voucher for the Four Seasons buffet.