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About the Model United Nations

MUN (Model United Nations) at BISR is a very successful extra-curricular activity that we have seen grow in popularity and size over the last few years.

MUN provides a forum for our students to learn about global citizenship as they address international concerns and current world issues related to such things as regional conflicts, peacekeeping, human rights, women and children, economic and social development, and the environment. Through our weekly MUN meetings we provide students with an understanding of the inner workings of the United Nations and promote skills of diplomacy and compromise.

What we do

BISR’s MUN runs weekly sessions which include simulations where a student takes on the role of a United Nations delegate representing a specific country. These delegates then debate a particular world issue from the international perspective of their given country. The ultimate goal of those students in session is to pass a UN resolution addressing the issue. Through these activities we offer members great opportunities to hone their debating and negotiating skills through weekly training sessions. We also give our students offer the prospect of travel to MUN conferences within Saudi Arabia, as well as internationally.

This is not just an ECA for debating, but one for people interested in the United Nations who seek the opportunity to discuss international issues.


Our Model United Nations teaches our students invaluable skills of debate as well as the confidence to create and defend arguments. Perhaps more importantly, through MUN, our students are constantly reminded of the invaluable nature of the following:

  • Respect for one another.
  • Understanding that others have viewpoints that may be different to theirs but that they are just as valuable.
  • That the world, though complex, can be understood through careful examination.
  • That the successful adult – one who is able to navigate productively through the world – is a product of understanding, flexibility, and empathy: skills that are learned in youth.

St. Petersburg Model United Nations Trip 2014 – Student Report:

In March, 20 BISR students visited St. Petersburg for the 18th Annual SPIMUN Conference. On the trip we went on sightseeing tours of many historic landmarks: the Spilled Blood Church, Saint Isaac’s Cathedral, Peter & Paul Fortress and the Hermitage Museum. We delved further into Russian culture by going to a Russian Ballet performance of Tchaikovsky’s ‘Nutcracker’ and a Russian Folk Dancing show.

The MUN conference began with the opening ceremony, held in the prestigious Tauride Palace, where Zain Syedain and Zein Dayekh gave their opening speeches. This was followed with three days of debating controversial issues, including the situation in Crimea and the crisis in Syria, with students from all over the world. All delegates worked vigorously to produce resolutions, many of which successfully passed. Well done delegates!

There were over 500 students in attendance from countries across the world and out of the 8 awards presented, BISR students claimed 4 – an outstanding achievement.

A huge thank you to our Secretary General, Zain Syedain; the Supreme Council members, Zoha Alvi, Ghenwa Minawi, Leen Al Saadi, Aaqil Imthiyaz, Rameez Iqbal and Hassan Manzoor for all their work!

Dania Raza and Iqraa Haq