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Physical Education at BISR

Physical Education at BISR has the goal of contributing to the development of an individual’s physical, intellectual, emotional and social maturity. In this respect, our program seeks to promote a positive self-image in students by challenging, guiding and encouraging them, by giving them the freedom to make mistakes, and by instilling the confidence and resilience to continually try again. At BISR, we are looking to promote self-belief, sportsmanship, teamwork and cooperation. The overall aim is to develop physically confident students.

Whilst endeavoring to develop the whole student in this way, Physical Education has two specific responsibilities within the curriculum. The first is to develop "movement intelligence” through the teaching of a variety of physical activities that enable students to:

  • Develop the motor skills necessary to participate successfully in a variety of physical activities
  • Become aware of movement as a creative medium connected to communication, expression, and aesthetic appreciation
  • Demonstrate the ability to critically reflect upon physical activity with a view to improving their own learning and the learning of others
  • Demonstrate the ability and enthusiasm to pass on to others in the community the knowledge, skills and techniques that have been learned

The second is to emphasise the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle and to inform students of the effects of a sedentary lifestyle and lack of regular exercise. The PE department will constantly strive to inspire students to seek and maintain a healthy life-style by:

  • Encouraging enjoyment of physical activity with a view to continued participation outside of school
  • Increasing knowledge of, and developing a positive attitude towards, health and fitness
  • Guiding students towards constructive and positive choices of leisure time activities
  • Encouraging students to work to their optimal level of physical fitness in every activity

At BISR we give pupils the opportunity and guidance to develop new skills, co-operation and the ability to work as part of a team. We also aim to give the pupils the knowledge and understanding that will enable them to exercise safely and effectively throughout their lives.