Enrichment & Sports


The Thumamah Outdoor Activity Centre is in a desert national park about 40km north of Riyadh. It was was set up in 2010 as a facility for BISR students to engage in various outdoor pursuits that complement or extend the school curriculum.

Students of all ages from Foundation to Sixth Form have benefitted from this unique school resource that gives them the opportunity to safely escape from the urban setting, into an outdoor classroom of wide open spaces and unlimited potential. The simplicity and beauty of the camp contributes to its success as a multi-activity base for all types of student groups.

This “blank canvas” of four large Bedouin tents, toilet facilities and simple kitchen set amongst many square kilometres of pristine desert means that the imagination is the only boundary for the exciting activities that can take place.

Whole year groups come for team building day trips which tie into their curriculum topics, GCSE Art students stay overnight for creative residential trips and of course the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award students use the camp as a weekend base whilst they complete their Adventurous Journeys.

The response to the camp from students and adults alike has been inspiring. Especially, from those individuals who don’t normal see themselves as “outdoors types”. After experiencing the wonderful peace and space that Thumamah offers, most people are always keen to return!

The Thumamah Activities Centre is located north of Riyadh approximately 65 km from school. The centre is situated within the Thumamah Conservation Area. The conservation area runs parallel to the Thumamah Road and is bordered to the East by the Buwayb Escarpment and to the West by the Ban Ban Sands. The area comprises an extensive plain – a mixture of gravel desert, grassed areas and sandy wadis – dominated by the steep cliffs of the escarpment. A rich variety of vegetation and bird life can be found in the area. The area was previously known as King Khaled’s Farm and housed the Wildlife Research Centre.