Admissions Procedure

Admission to the Salwa School is for families of BAE SYSTEMS and MOD families only who are resident on Salwa compound.

NB: Parents seeking admission for their children to Salwa School should contact the school at the earliest opportunity to discuss the availability of places and entry requirements BEFORE travelling to KSA.  Admission to Salwa School is not automatic and is dependent upon:

  • the completion of admission forms (see Forms below)
  • submission of the latest school report for your child
  • the availabiltity of spaces at the school
  • an assessment of the child at Salwa  school (see Assessment below)

Admissions to Salwa Section for the next academic year open on 1st March with assessments for entry starting  in June.


The submission of the admission form begins the admissions process to Salwa School.
Parents must complete all forms and disclose any learning difficulties or disabilities. Specific learning disabilities such as dyslexia, dyspraxia, emotional and behavioural issues must be revealed.  Due to the current lack of external support for children with learning difficulties in Riyadh, the School must be sure that your child’s needs can be supported within and wholly by the School.  If this is not the case then, if it is in the best interest of the child, we would always recommend families stay in the UK where the SEN network is well-established.
The medical report must be completed before entry into the school.

Ministry forms for non-British Muslims must be completed before entry into the school.
The Internet Permission Form must be signed.

Admission Form 
Medical Report  


With the exception of Foundation 1, all children must demonstrate a level of competency in English and maths (via testing and school reports) which allows them to fully access the curriculum in their age appropriate year groups.

The cost of assessment from September 2014 will be SAR 1000 per child payable on the day of assessment.

The English system for placing pupils is used i.e. age appropriate birthday between 1st September and 31st August. Children will be assessed for their age appropriate year group.
Competency in English for non-native speakers will also be a requirement.

Special Educational needs

It is essential that the school is able to meet the educational needs of the children seeking admission. The school is able to offer places to children whose needs can be met by our Learning Support Department, however, support is limited.
Salwa School reserves the right to refuse a place to any passport holder if it is felt, following assessment, that the child will be unable to access the curriculum fully and/or the school is unable to make adequate provision for the specific needs of the child.
Salwa School will expect parents to provide copies of any relevant reports from outside referral agencies that may help inform the decision to offer a place. The school reserves the right to request reports from such agencies before a place can be discussed.
Access and availability to support/specialist agencies and services in KSA is restricted and could affect the school's ability to meet the needs of the child. Parents are advised to contact the school before making the decision to travel to KSA if their child is currently receiving support for special education needs.


Whilst no guarantee can be made, Salwa School will endeavour to place siblings of either existing or new pupils, subject to the satisfactory completion of assessment for entry and availability of places in the appropriate year groups.

Probationary Period

If the school is concerned as to whether a child is fully able to access the curriculum, a probationary period may be offered. This is usually for one term but the probationary period may be extended into a second term when a final decision will be made.