Leadership Opportunities

There are a number of opportunities for the children across the school to develop leadership skills.  These are life-long skills and have been shown to improve self-image, self-awareness and understanding and empathy for others.  Some of the opportunities at Salwa are through:

  • School council – elected members from Y1 to Y6 who allow the pupils to have a voice and put their views forward
  • Charity committee – elected members from all year groups who raise awareness and money for others less fortunate than themselves
  • Eco-committee – elected members from all year groups who drive forward and highlight issues in the school, community and wider world which affect our environment
  • Junior librarians – volunteers put themselves forward and are chosen by the staff
  • House captains and vice captains – elected from Y5 and Y6 only by house members to support and drive children in their house during events, always encouraging teamwork
  • Salwa School offers a range of extra-curricular activities for KS2 children such as: sports, golf, cookery, gardening, arts & crafts club and chess club.

We also have a Head Boy and Head Girl who are ambassadors for our school.   These children are from Y6 and are proposed and selected by staff.